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PHASE 1 - Registration Update

Hello to all our Phase 1 many of you may have experienced there are some technical issues with the Registration platform, we are in communication with DEB International they are working diligently to get the matter resolved for us and the other cities experiencing this. 

Please be assured your Phase 1 opportunity has not been impacted at all, we will make the same number of registrations available when we open the Phase back up.  We soooooo appreciate your patience and understanding and thank you in advance for your support good energy!!!

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Stacey W.
1 month ago
Greetings members. I was experiencing the aforementioned technical issues with the Phase 1 registration as well. I then went to the main DEB website instead of the Phase 1 invite link. Once there I clicked on Cleveland and registered through the link there. Maybe try the main DEB website to see if it works for you there as well?
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